Cindi's Parisian Panini

Today I craved the flavors of Paris.  The streets of Paris are filled with delis foods in the windows lining the streets as you stroll.  I have never seen so many scrumptious Panini’s!  So hard to choose from so many fabulous choices.  But, I am home in southern California and must create my own!  Here is my version of Paris flavor.



1 French style Baguette (I use 6 inch)

2 tbsp dijon mustard

6 slices deli meat (I use 3 different Italian style deli meats)

3 slices crispy sweet apple (I LOVE HONEYCRISP!)

1 slice brie cheese

drizzle of good quality balsamic (I used pomegranate)


Slice open baguette

spead dijon evenly across both pieces of baguette

layer deli meat

add apple

add cheese

drizzle balsamic

Put panini into panini press until cheese is melty.


You will crave these flavors after one bite!




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