Sonia Margarita – An explosion of flavors tied to my Puerto Rican roots

My dogs enjoying fabu life!
Since I was a little girl I watched my grandmothers, mother and my friends moms cook fabu meals effortless. That’s when I realized that food is a work of art, and that you can be desirable while cooking. This statement reminds me of a spectacular lady that took fabulosity to the best. Yes, my best friend Sandra’s mom Olga because she would only cooked in high heels and sexy dresses.
You can mix different ingredients, flavors and texture to create a meal but is up to the creator to supply the perfect balance of healthiness and scrumptiousness.
When I stop working full time as an Interior Designer my creative culinary side kicked. I went back to my roots and I started to work with ingredients to create fabu meals. I had lived in Puerto Rico, Florida, California, Dallas and travel plenty. My exposure to different cultures has given me a broad perspective of meals and ingredients. Then I practiced, practiced and played with all kind of ingredients until I crated good quality food. Each one of my creation is a piece of my culinary art! Enjoy it!


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